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Our vision

At Midleton Men's Shed, our primary aim is to provide a safe and friendly location where our members can meet, chat and work on either personal or community projects.  Through talking and working on projects either individually or as teams, we hope to assist in highlighting issues around male health, and in doing so prevent the occurrence of issues through raising awareness and education about these issues and how preventable and treatable they are.

Core Values of any Men's Shed

  • Honesty and Openness - Everything we do is transparent to the shedders and to the General Public
  • Eqality and Inclusion - Our shed creates a place of belonging, participatory deomcracy mutual respect, companionship and community for all shedders
  • Leadership - We endeavour to demonstrate and promote leadership in all we do.

Our Story

The biggest part of our story is that we are one of the very few men's shed groups in Ireland who don't have our own shed.  This is something we are actively working on, and we are very thankful to Midleton Parish, and to Fr. James Killeen P.P, V.F for providing us with a site for our shed.

However we don't let this lack of a shed hold us back, and since 2017 our major local project was supplying and installing removable flood gates in a number of houses around Midleton that are prone to flooding.  We plan to install more of these in early 2019.

In Autumn 2018 we began working with a local theatre group, and we are in the process of making some of the props for the show "Nanny Poppins" which they will raise the curtain on in Spring 2019.

You will find more updates on our Latest News or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook where we post regularly.

Next Steps...

To find out more about our projects or if you have a project that we might be able to assist with, please contact us.