Music at Midleton Men’s Shed

We broke new ground yesterday afternoon (metaphorically speaking) when we had our first (and hopefully not last) socially distanced sing-song in the open air at our Men’s Shed in Carrigtwohill. (I know, Midleton Men’s shed in Carrigtwohill? That’s another story. )
As it was our first attempt at something like this, I was tentative and hopeful that it would be successful, and I’m delighted to say that it was a great success. To allow for the social distancing, we decided to sing outdoors in the lovely courtyard adjoining the shed, and luckily the weather remained favourable throughout. We did get one or two drops of rain at one stage, however nothing that would stop us from singing once we got started. We had some lovely songs and music for about an hour and a half. I heard lovely songs that I’d never heard before and old favourites that are sung regularly at sessions all over the country and beyond. We had one or two shy men also, and we’re hoping we might encourage them to sing with us the next time around. We might also encourage some of our other members who weren’t present yesterday to join us and sing or just have a listen.

Anyway, a successful afternoon, and I believe everyone present enjoyed the music and the banter. We even got some homework, we all have to have at least one song that we didn’t sing yesterday!!
So until the next one………

The men getting tuned in!!
Nice and easy does it!