It’s great to be back

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the global population with a sledgehammer blow that no-one foresaw or could have foreseen. Overnight our lives were changed utterly, and in mid-march 2020 we underwent a ‘lockdown’. Overnight, our shed was closed indefinitely, and in an effort to stay connected – like the rest of the world – we resorted to virtual meetings using our computers and our phones. Not everyone has been able to join using these computer/phone meetings so had phone conversations in an effort to stay in touch.
It has been a difficult few months, however, the good news is that we have re-opened our doors (in a limited fashion and observing the HSE and IMSA guidelines on social distancing, coughing etiquette and hand sanitising) again.
For the coming weeks until things stabilise further we will open on Tuesdays and Fridays only. Our workshop will remain closed until further notice, however it may be possible to work on some projects in the open air during this time if we can do it while meeting the social distancing requirements.

It is truly great to be back.

Another little update

For almost a year now, thanks to the generosity of the people at The East Cork Journal, we have been lucky enough to have a news article in their weekly publication. Some have been updates on what has been happening in the men’s shed and we are delighted with the progress we’ve been making. Some articles have been information we considered to be suitable and useful for our men and the general public.

We have had a few enquiries from people recently about some of the old articles, so over the coming weeks, we will add the old articles to the website so you can have a look back over them if you wish.

It’s been a while

We haven't issued an update here for a while now, however, we haven't gone away.  During that time we've been settling into our temporary accommodation in Carrig, and it's working out great for us.  It's such a pity that we don't have this facility in Midleton.

During the summer the gardeners among us did super work, and we've all been enjoying scrumptious potatoes, peas and many other goodies fresh from the shed vegetable plot.

Thanks to the generosity of local businesses who supported our fundraising letters we have been able to buy some tools for the workspace, and many of our members have been working on individual projects including making a house number from a piece of driftwood to refurbishing furniture to making a barn owl box and many other bits and pieces.  We are also thankful to Musgraves who have been very good to us with a great donation of biscuits to go with our teas and coffees, these are all very very much appreciated.