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Christmas Time……

Midleton Men’s Shed Weekly News

We appear to be well and truly into the midst of the Christmas season now, and with less than two weeks to go until Christmas Day, it’s very easy to get caught up in the hype and commercialism that seems to begin earlier, and grow in intensity every year.  I know that I definitely saw Christmas trees displayed in one of the large shops in Cork City as early as last August, and the towers of chocolates and biscuits were in many supermarkets from the first of November.
In the midst of all this hype and commercialism it is very easy to forget that Christmas is not a time of joy for everyone.  Some may have lost a loved one around this time of year and for them it’s a time of loss and sadness, and they can see little to celebrate.  Likewise, some people simply don’t have someone with whom to share the joys of the Christmas season, so for them the giving and receiving are not-existent and the loneliness is increased.
So what can we do?  Well, we can all check in on a neighbour or friend whom we know to be alone or having a tough time around Christmas.  Invite them out for a coffee or a pint, or just phone them for a chat.  Such a small thought from us can mean a huge amount for a friend or neighbour.

Exciting times.
As one of the very few ‘shedless’ Men’s Shed groups in Ireland, we are very excited and delighted that we are making some good progress on finally getting a shed for ourselves.  Obviously, the cornerstone of and Men’s Shed group has to be the shed, and while we’re delighted to have the use of the facilities at the Edmond Rice Centre every Friday for our meet-ups, it’s just not a shed!  We are absolutely delighted that Midleton Parish have given us the use of a site, and we are now proceeding with getting drawings finalised and working on getting planning permission.  While all of this is happening, our main task over the coming months will be fund-raising.  This is a huge job of work for our small group, and we hope the people and businesses from Midleton and surrounding areas will support us so we can support the community with more endeavours such as the Dam Easy floodgates we installed recently in several houses around the town.

Anti-Social Behaviour.
At our last meeting we have a very good and wide-ranging discussion about Anti-Social Behaviour in the area.  It is disgraceful that elderly and infirm members of the community who are not in a position to defend themselves are preyed upon by young and not-so-young locals who appear to think nothing of banging on doors and windows of other people’s homes in the dead of night, and scaring the occupants out of their wits.  In an effort to get a better understanding of this outrageous scourge on vulnerable people in the locality we have decided to ask the community garda to come to one of our meetings in the near future to discuss this worrying topic, and to explain if there is anything we as a group can do to help.

Our Men’s Shed group meets weekly at 11.30 on Friday mornings in the Edmond Rice Centre.  We welcome new members, and if you would like more information you can contact us by email at [email protected] 
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